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Our team across the UK can assess and help support you through a wide variety of mental health issues. We work with individuals, couples, families and organisations.

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To build emotional and psychological wellbeing and resilience by providing appropriate mental health services.

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Professional psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists providing services to adults, children and young people.

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Committed to providing efficient and effective mental health services.

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We have a team of experts from various fields, experienced in working with adults, families and children.

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Specialist Children Mental Health Services

We believe everyone deserves a chance to grow and develop to their best potential. Through skill and care our service equips young people with the ability to achieve a bright future.

Specialist Adult Mental Health Services

Our dedicated team of specialists are committed to provide the highest quality of care to help individuals overcome a wide range of mental illness conditions.


Raising awareness and understanding some of the causes of mental distress and supporting individuals and organisations to build emotional resilience.

Would you like a free phone consultation?

Contact us to find out more about our services or the issues we work with.

Would you like a free phone consultation?

Contact us to find out more about our services or the issues we work with.

Providing appropriate mental healthcare services

We work with the experiences in your life; past, present and future. Our aim is to help you understand yourself better, and how to best achieve your aims and goals in life.

Depression and Low Mood


Anxiety and Panic




Trauma and PTSD


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BLOG: Can the inner child impact your adult self?

BLOG: Can the inner child impact your adult self? Do you ever wonder why sometimes you are reacting to a situation, but don’t understand why? Do you seek approval to the extent where you live for others and not yourself? Do you often feel that you self-sabotage your success? Do you often feel that you…


BLOG: Who Am I

BLOG: Who Am I We all have past experiences which create the adults we are today. Our past is important as the dots from the past joins the dots in the present and future. If then, our past has been hard and tumultuous, how then do we have hope about the future or the present?…


BLOG: Children and Young People

BLOG: Children and Young People – Building emotional resilience and psychological wellbeing School years are important for children and young people to develop social, emotional, knowledge and behaviours. These years are the most impressionable years in a young persons life. This period sets them up to determine how well they cope with their mental health and…