Process and Pricing

  1. Complete the online referral form, including the patient’s contact details
  2. Our case manager will contact the patient directly and check appointment availability with the most appropriate clinician for the patient
  3. Once the appointment has been accepted by the patient, the referral will be automatically sent to the relevant clinician
  4. The appointment is then confirmed directly between the patient and clinician
  5. GP will receive confirmation from Clinical Therapy Group with time, date, venue and details of clinician involved.

For further information on the referral process, please email us or call us on 0121 517 0090.

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Clinical Therapy Group offers a network of mental health professionals nationwide.

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Pricing and Payment

Prices for therapy start from £80 per session/per hour.

Clinical Therapy Group has three different payment pathways.

  1. Self-funded – You may choose to pay privately because you would like quick access to a psychotherapist as there are long waiting times with the NHS. Your GP can help you make a referral to us.
  2. Private medical insurance – Your insurance will require your GP to make a referral to our service. When booking an appointment with our clinician you will be required to provide your insurers details. This will ensure that payment has been authorised prior to initial assessment.
  3. GP Commissioned – Some GP practices may have a budget for private therapy services to be delivered by external providers. We would require a GP referral form to be completed to authorise provision of therapy services.


Our committed team of psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists provide therapy in clinic on-site or at one of our many clinics which is most convenient for your patient. Please email us for more information