Relationship and Couple Therapy

Relationship and couple therapy aims to improve communication and address issues within relationships.

In a relationship, you can sometimes end up not listening to the other person or have difficulties communicating your needs clearly.

Talking to a therapist allows you to talk to someone who has no pre-conceived notion of who you are. We also have the skills and training to help guide you through your concerns.

When individuals are having difficulties, they may describe their relationships in many different ways. Does any of the following sound familiar to you?

  • We’re always rowing
  • They don’t understand me
  • We don’t seem to have anything in common any more
  • I don’t understand why they feel the way that they do
  • Our past constantly gets in the way – we can’t move on
  • We don’t enjoy sex or rarely have any intimate time together
  • Not sure we love each other anymore
  • We don’t talk like we used to
  • We’re only staying together for the children
  • We’re not on the same wavelength
  • We just can’t go on like this
  • He/she is controlling

The aim of relationship therapy is to help you understand how various factors such as family value, religion, lifestyle and culture can influence your relationship(s). This helps you to reflect on the past, understand how it is affecting your present relationships.

As a result of this you are able to communicate constructively, understand why arguments escalate and how you can negotiate and resolve conflicts better.

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