About Attachment

The attachment experience affects personality development and the ability to form good stable relationships throughout life. Attachment contains within it the platform for the child’s ability to ultimately separate from the caregiver and to survive independently.

This mother-child attachment bond shapes an infant’s brain, influencing your self-esteem, your expectations of others, and your ability to attract and maintain successful adult relationships. By learning about attachment, you can build healthier, attuned relationships, and communicate more effectively.

Individuals who experience confusing, frightening, or broken emotional communications during their infancy often grow into adults who have difficulty understanding their own emotions and the feelings of others.

Attachment, relationship between an infant and their primary caregiver is responsible for:

  • Shaping the success or failure of future intimate relationships
  • The ability to maintain emotional balance
  • The ability to enjoy being ourselves and to find satisfaction in being with others
  • The ability to rebound from disappointment, discouragement and misfortune

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