Initially I was pessimistic about starting counselling, but when I started I realised how beneficial it can be. I am the man that I want to be now.


Thank you for all your support at the school. The girls are more confident discussing with the pastoral teachers their anxieties and worries.


Thank you for all your support. I am now better able to control my anger.


I felt really supported and understood by the team, they helped me explore things that I have kept hidden for a long time. I was able to see how hiding my past was influencing my current behaviour. I now feel free.


Understanding my relationship and the needs I had which were not being met, explained why I became so resentful and angry with my partner.


This has helped me so much; I can drive again without feeling anxious and scared of crashing the car. I am better in busy places as well. Big changes and I have you to thank.


There is no greater gift than understanding yourself. I thank you for helping me to get to where I am. I now have a job I enjoy, and a stable relationship – never ever thought I would be here!!!


At first I was reluctant to start therapy. I am scared of being judged for the way I was feeling. However I can only say that I somehow overcame that fear and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. I no longer worry about what other people think and do things for myself. Thank you to the approach that you took, I felt comfortable and most importantly I felt understood. I would recommend this service to anyone who is going through a bad time in their life.


My son struggled to get support from school around his anxiety; you worked patiently with him and also helped me with strategies I can use to support him. He is so much happier in school. Thank you!


Thank you so much for supporting me through the loss of my wife this was a very difficult time. Your support and working through the grieving process really helped me.


You have helped me to explore my potential by understanding my strengths and empowering me to believe in myself. I cannot thank you enough I put some of my strengths to work and went for a job which I never believed I was good enough to achieve. To my surprise I was offered the position!


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