Are you feeling anxious, depressed or stressed? Do you feel that nobody understands? What or how do you change things?


Child and Adolescent

Child and Adolescent therapy is working with young people who maybe struggling with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.


Family and Relationships

Families sometimes get into difficulties due to their differences. The aim of therapy is to work on issues presented within the family.


Relationship and Couple Therapy

Couple and relationship therapy aims to improve communication and address issues within relationships.


Medico Legal

We provide fast, effective and efficient Medico Legal, Occupational Health and Mental Capacity Assessments to both public and private sector organisations.


Occupational Health

Staff, are key asset to business and essential to ensure productivity and profitability for the business.


Workshops & Training

The workshops work with all cross sections of the community, and are run by experienced and qualified psychologists and psychotherapists.


Life Coaching

In today’s fast and demanding world in which we give most of our time to others, how often do you dedicate personal time for you?